“The Romanoffs” Between history and fiction, the enigma continues

  It is not a coincidence that in the year of 2018, when the centenary of the “disappearance” of the Russian Imperial family, the Romanovs, was commemorated, the topic is again being discussed in newspapers, magazines, blogs and even in recently published books. Some of those books are pure fiction. … Continue reading

Alfonso XIII y la familia real rusa.

https://www.elespanol.com/reportajes/20180304/misterio-romanov-consiguio-alfonso-xiii-zarina-espana/289221300_0.html  Publicado por elespanol.com – Marzo 2018 Alfonso XIII y la familia real rusa.     REPORTAJES El misterio de los Romanov: ¿consiguió Alfonso XIII traer a la zarina y sus cinco hijos a España? 4 marzo, 2018 02:48                         … Continue reading


Part I –  INTRODUCTION (Article by Marie Stravlo and Jonathan Iglesias) This essay contains a detailed study of the interesting connection between two families, whose lineage and participation in the history of Russia, since its foundation, is extremely remarkable, although it has never been widely mentioned, at least in the West. … Continue reading